About The Gallery

At Exclusive Art’s Gallery, we believe that the arts will play a vital role in bringing people of all nations, cultures and walks of life together on common ground; aiming to inspire equality amoungst humanity and helping to build stronger communities.

Exclusive Art’s Gallery was founded in January of 2018, and became a registered LLC in May of 2019.. with the state of Wisconsin, USA. The gallery is artist owned; we work with artists internationally, as well as artist’s of varied skill levels and visual mediums. 

We offer equal opportunity to all artists, and we aim to provide the most enjoyable, fun and creative experience as possible for our valued guests (our customers).

Artist Galleries

The individual Artist Galleries provide curated information about the individual artists’ background and each individual artwork. Each Artist Gallery is unique and every artist has a different skill level, as well as varied mediums represented. 

The number of artworks presented in the Main (public) Gallery, is only a select number of works by each artist. The Artist Galleries consist of all the artworks under our contract with the artist. These private gallery rooms require a paid membership for access. 

Rick Arquero

Acrylic Abstract & Mixed Media Art

Shelby Erdmann

Acrylic & Mixed Media Art

Shannon Erdmann

Drawing, Sketching & Prints

Every month we will have pre-scheduled dates for our Paint N’ Sip classes, however, our monthly art classes are pre-recorded so you can enjoy them anytime day or night. 

These classes are available with all paid membership levels, and include a discount on art supplies (when you order your supplies through our gift shop).

Customer Service Hours:

Monday – Friday 

(Excluding US Holidays)

9am – 5pm


1+(920) 539-5820



“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso

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